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Fresh Cuts Clothing


Fresh Cuts Clothing is a Dublin based brand which prides itself on selling sustainable, minimally designed clothing. The mission was to create a logo which reflects this, keeping in mind the target audience which are modern, young people who care about ethically produced clothes and unique designs. The result was a minimal logo with cut typography to reflect both the vision and the name of the brand. I also illustrated limited edition t-shirt designs which quickly sold out.

Client: Fresh Cuts Clothing
Work: Branding, Illustration, Print

clothing tags designed for fresh cuts clothing brand
t-shirt clothing company logo and moodboard created with various polaroid shots

Other Work

Mockup of a logo on a record cover for a band Shag Haired Villains
Observatory dome with a starry background used in visual branding for an observatory
Digital, minimal illustration of GPO building in Dublin | Graphic Design portfolio
Page detail from an art book
Long exposure photo of stars used for astronomy visual branding | graphic design portfolio