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Design Process

Behind every successful brand, there’s always a proven brand design process. Find out how we design your projects using an authentic process.

I like to create simple, thoughtful solutions and tell your story in an authentic way.

A new business can be an exciting undertaking and it’s important to leave the best first impression, like in many situations in our everyday life.

Having a proven design process is very important, because a good visual identity uncovers the values your business believes in and resonates with your audience.

Let's make the invisible visible!

Curiosity is what got me into design, and I like to know how things work. I will ask you questions and offer creative guidance and suggestions throughout the design process.

You won’t be in the dark about pricing, as I charge a flat fee for most of my design services.

You will be aware of the brand design process up front so you’re in the loop.

Learn about our


Take a look at a visual representation of our tried and tested brand design process.
visual infographic of 5 brand design process phases based on alina wheeler
Learn what your process will look like exactly.

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