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Brand Identity

Find out why visual branding is important for your business, and why you should choose Daria Design to help you stand out and attract your ideal clients.

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How would you like to be perceived by your customers?

Surely you want to be different from those in your field. It’d also be nice to share values with your customers. If you could have these, while staying true to who you are, you’d have a purposeful brand!
Why you should

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Designing your brand with us means your business will be:

1. Authentic: You know your values, likes and dislikes. Why not let this show? Telling your story in an authentic way makes you stand out in the sea of other businesses in your area. Storytelling also grabs attention, which means finding ideal customers who share your values.

2. Memorable: The best logos stand the test of time. Why? Because identity shouldn’t be designed just following the latest trends. Logo should be simple enough to be easily applied to all your branding materials, and yet have a clever, creative twist to help differentiate your business.

3. Consistent: Branding is all about consistency. It’s the way your look, walk and talk. If your business is very casual and friendly, you don’t want to look and sound like a robot. Your visuals should reflect this as well. A good designer will help you uncover these and maintain that image. The more consistent your communication and visuals, the more consistent your branding.

4. Valuable: If you’re into bungee jumping, chances are you’ll be much happier in the company of people who aren’t couch potatoes, right? Conveying your values is important. It helps you to stay true to who you are, to connect with similar minds, and to increase loyalty from, in this case, your customers.

5. Economic: Brand identity will save you both time and money on the long run. Establishing your brand values and goals, with your visual presentation, makes your business pretty rounded. You won’t have to constantly question yourself on things like “how should my social media post read” or “what fonts and colours should I use in my advertising materials”.

All these will be set for you in your brand style guide. You won’t need to hire yet another designer to pick up where your old one left. You’ll have more time to dedicate to what you want to do!

Colour increases brand recognition by up to
Consistent branding increases revenue by
Forming first impression takes only
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